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The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) regulates and supervises various aspects of healthcare services in Texas. Its regulations and requirements must be followed maintain a valid license and provide quality healthcare services.

Health and Human Services licensure and citation defense entails legal representation and guidance in navigating the complex regulatory landscape and addressing licensing or citation challenges. The Law Offices of David C. Lindsay helps healthcare professionals and organizations prepare licensure applications, respond to citations and enforcement actions, and defend their rights in administrative hearings and litigation. We provide strategic counsel, develop defense strategies, gather evidence, and advocate on the client’s behalf before the HHSC or other appropriate authorities.

Our Services

  • Defense Against Citations

If the HHSC cites your facility, we will thoroughly investigate the allegations and devise a strong defense strategy to challenge the citations and protect your interests.

  • Administrative Hearings

Our attorney have extensive experience representing clients in administrative hearings before the HHSC, advocating for your rights, and presenting a compelling case on your behalf.

  • Office of Inspector General Investigations

Some particularly serious HHSC matters are handled by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). These include allegations of fraud and the employment of excluded or ineligible individuals.  We help clients address these sensitive, serious, and often complex matters, and engage with the OIG to help secure the best possible outcome. 

  • Compliance Assessments and Remediation

We conduct thorough assessments of your healthcare practice, policies, and procedures to identify potential compliance issues. We then offer practical advice and assistance in implementing corrective measures to bring your operations into compliance with HHSC regulations.

  • Appeals and Dispute Resolution

If you disagree with the outcome of an HHSC decision or action, we can help you navigate the appeals process, consider all available resolution options, and pursue a favorable outcome.

Legal Support

The goal of licensure and citation defense is to protect the professional standing, reputation, and livelihood of healthcare providers and organizations. It entails ensuring HHSC regulations are followed, responding to allegations or deficiencies, and, if necessary, seeking favorable outcomes in administrative proceedings or appeals.

Navigating the complexities of health and human services licensure and citation defense can be difficult without proper legal guidance. As a result, it is critical to seek the counsel of experienced attorney who specialize in this area. We have the necessary knowledge, skills, and understanding of the regulatory framework to effectively represent healthcare professionals and organizations during the licensure and citation defense process.

Texas Health and Human Services Licensure and Citation Defense Lawyers

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