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Allegations of fraud in the healthcare industry have significant implications and should be taken seriously. Employees with firsthand knowledge of their employer's fraudulent activities are encouraged to work with law enforcement to stop the fraud and hold the company accountable through qui tam lawsuits.

Our healthcare legal team at The Law Offices of David C. Lindsay is experienced and equipped to protect executives, employees, and entire companies. Healthcare providers have contacted us about regulatory compliance, corporate structuring, Medicare, fraudulent billing, and other issues.

Types of Healthcare Fraud

  • Anti-Kickback Statute

Under the federal Anti-Kickback Statute, it is a crime for an individual or company to offer anything of value in exchange for patient referrals.

  • Stark Law

The Stark Law makes it illegal for a doctor to refer a patient to a healthcare service entity owned or invested in by the doctor or a member of the doctor’s immediate family. Self-referrals are prohibited under this law, but there are some exceptions.

  • False Claims Act

Submitting a false claim for payment to a federal healthcare program such as Medicare or Medicaid is a violation of the False Claims Act. If you are suspected of submitting false claims, the federal government may investigate your billing practices.

  • Prescription Fraud

The federal government may conduct an investigation into doctors and healthcare facilities who prescribe an unusually high number of certain medications. Prescriptions for medications that a patient does not require can result in fines and criminal charges.

  • Billing Fraud

One of the most common types of fraud encountered by healthcare organizations is billing fraud. It happens when a healthcare organization overcharges patients, bills for services that were never provided, bills for services provided to patients who are no longer alive, or bills for services that are not medically necessary.

Qui Tam Lawsuits

Qui tam lawsuits encourage employees with firsthand knowledge of their employer’s fraudulent activities to collaborate with law enforcement to stop the fraud and hold the company accountable. Under the False Claims Act, individuals who assist the federal government in recovering damages from fraudulent companies may be rewarded with a portion of the recovered damages.

Texas Qui Tam Defense Lawyers

Texas has some of the best medical facilities in the world; however, this means that government agencies are more closely scrutinizing Texas healthcare companies. If you are facing a qui tam lawsuit, our firm can help.

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